Welcome toGreenerAcres.org


Welcome to Greener Acres, a website dedicated to a simply better lifestyle.  Have you ever wanted to live your life better?  Not only for the benefits for yourself but for your kids and grandkids?  Living a green life is not about giving up a lifestyle, it is just making changes that will soon be a part of your routine effortlessly.  Such as recycling instead of throwing everything in the trash, buying more products and produce locally to decrease your environment footprint.


On this website you will find tips and advice on how to live green without giving up your lifestyle.  Such as in the “Homemade Green Spa,” find out how to make your own beauty treatments, or in “Updating Green,” find out how you can renovate your home with Green products for better inside air quality and other benefits.  Even changing only a couple things in your life will have a positive effect on our future.


Such is the case for our sponsored rider, Scotty Van Hawk.  He is an AMA Superbike Rider on the track, off of the track not only does he dedicates his time for his community but also to our environment.  He is trying to lead the Green Movement in Indiana, getting more home owners and builders to think Green.  Whether it would be through putting up alternative energy sources to choosing Green Products.